Smart authors' website features "Why They Stay"

In a year of applying my journalistic sleuthing abilities to the field of book marketing, KBoards is the smartest place I've found for authors to share what works and what doesn't. The best and the bombs -- of which I'm learning, there are many. Often by personal experience!

Now, I have the KBoards community to help me suss out an opportunity before I dive in.

This lovely collection of writers and readers featured my book today on its blog and Facebook page. Here is the link:

And here's the Amazon reader review KBoards' editors chose to feature:

“Author Anne Michaud has done a great deal of research into the backgrounds of both the politicians and their aggrieved wives to draw compelling conclusions as to why this is so. She is a gifted writer who is able to take a lot of information and sift through it so that we are given the shiniest nuggets of fascinating details to contemplate. And her writing style is superb! I could not put the book down.” — Amazon Reviewer

Many thanks to KBoards for the publicity and for its welcoming, intelligent community of authors.