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Why They Stay

Debut author Anne Michaud will have an author talk and signing of her nonfiction book Why They Stay: Sex, Scandals, Deals, and Hidden Agendas of Nine Political Wives. As an award-winning political reporter, Michaud covered the men in public service for many years, and now wants to focus on the women who had their backs through thick and thin. Stop by the East Hampton Library on Saturday at 2 PM to talk one-on-one with the author.

Feisty audience turns out in Cambridge, Mass.

At Porter Square Books on the evening of Monday, Aug. 7, more than 40 people showed up to discuss "Why They Stay: Sex Scandals, Deals, and Hidden Agendas of Nine Political Wives."

Author Anne Michaud spoke for about 25 minutes and then took questions from the audience for another 40 minutes. Questions ranged from:

--Are the ex-wives of politicians out for revenge? to

--Why does Chelsea Clinton seem so well-adjusted? to

--What do we tell our daughters about relationships?

The "fiercely independent" Porter Square Books lived up to its slogan in providing a stimulating crowd and discussion.


Journalist Anne Michaud on Politicians' Wives

Porter Square hosts ANNE MICHAUD, a veteran political journalist who has won over 25 reporting and writing awards. MICHAUD reads her nonfiction book Why They Stay, and she offers a possible explanation for the wives of politicians who remain when their spouse is disloyal.

After covering politicians for decades, acclaimed columnist MICHAUD switched her gaze to the women behind the cheating men.  Drawing from multiple sources that span the Roosevelts’ marriage to the more recent scandal involving Hillary Clinton’s closest aide Huma Abedin (wife of sexter Anthony Weiner), Why They Stay: Sex Scandals, Deals, and Hidden Agendas of Nine Political Wives argues that when it comes to the “power behind the throne,” women in the limelight weigh the risks and rewards. They remain loyal to their men, because of complex, often unconscious forces.

This event is not ticketed.

Why They Stay is currently being sold at Porter Square Books.

If you cannot attend the event, you can still get a signed copy by purchasing the book online and mentioning in the comments section at checkout that you want it signed (or personalized).  This must be completed at least 24 hours prior to the event.