That ringing endorsement

This is an early sketch for the cover of Why They Stay. Photographer C.J. Burton sketched out nine or 10 potential scenarios, and our team chose this as the one that most closely conveys the idea that politically married women are tied to their husbands -- even as the husbands continue to thrive in politics.

When I showed the early sketch to friends, I explained, "That's a wedding ring around the couples' waists." Fortunately, when C.J. sent through the actual cover design, the circle was so obviously a gold wedding ring that I no longer had any fear people wouldn't get the idea and impact.

Janet Michaud was the art director for the cover design. Yes, in fact, we did grow up together. She's my sister and the talented head of Politico's magazine and website design. Janet, C.J. and I brainstormed the art on conference calls. The three of us live in far corners of the country. It was wonderful being able to use technology to collaborate at a distance.

I've always been on the word side of publishing, and this collaboration has taught me a ton about what my sister does for a living. Bonus!