Working more: the legacy of layoffs

I apologize for being absent. The truth is that I am writing another blog, one that is work-related. And the reason is that the blogger before me was laid off. So, now I'm doing my old job plus hers. Those of us who remain at work after the "downsizing" often work much harder. I'm not working so many more hours -- maybe a few more -- so much as that my mental capacity is drained for anything outside of work. I spend several hours a day burning the battery on high wattage. And when I come home, there's very little left. I'm putting most of what's left toward making sure my kids are on track -- school papers signed, tests prepared for, etc. Seeing them happy gives me a lot of pleasure.

If the women of the 19th century and earlier were often too burdened with housework and field work to write, maybe we women of the 21st century are the same, only bound by a different sort of work. I had always dreamed of hours and energy enough to write something really good. Now I feel that this will happen only if/when I retire. And by then, I might not be up to it. Who knows?

I'm sorry to be self-pitying. These thoughts make me very sad.