Spared the axe

Dan's company let go more than 5,000 people worldwide yesterday. He was spared. I can't say for sure that this is the first time he's kept his job when others have lost theirs. But in the past when a big layoff has been announced, he has been one of the ones let go. So, surviving is a whole new experience for us.

One thing that's different is that several people told him, before yesterday's big announcement, that he was safe. That must be how it works on the non-job-loser side.

Another thing is that he's spent a lot of time puzzling about the people who were let go. A "very nice" woman who had worked there for 20 years. A young woman who was very sharp and was running his counterpart division in another country. It probably really never makes sense except to the bean-counters on the inside.

I suggested that maybe the 20-year veteran was making a high salary, so it saved the company a lot of money to cut her. But Dan says that's not right, because her rank was still pretty low. She was called out of a meeting he was in, then came back teary, grabbed her things and left the room. She could have been any of us.