Layoffs announced for both houses

Both my company and Dan's announced Friday they would be shedding jobs by the end of the year. I understand the fourth-quarter timing, but honestly, it adds so much grim to the holidays. Today, my 6th-grader's school had the nerve to send a note asking which of the kids will be taking advantage of a 4-day, $270 trip in February to the Catskills. It looks like a great trip, teaching kids about environmental issues. The school is getting anxious and wants everyone to commit NOW. Some of us apparently have the bad manners to hold off until we know whether we'll still be pulling down a paycheck.

I wrote on the form that Isabelle will be joining in "unless we lose our jobs first." Their school jobs are safe, and their lack of awareness about the rest of the world galls me.

Yes, I get that their little trip might be jeopardized if not enough kids show up. But do they get that we're fighting to hang on to our homes and retirement plans and college savings? Not likely.