A good job offer

So, Dan got a good job offer yesterday, but it's in the city, which makes me nervous. That's an 80-minute commute, roughly, one-way. I know because I did it for nearly five years. I'm worried about being the parent who has to get home and fix dinner. For the past five years, Dan has been working closer to home than me, and he's taken on that responsibility. Mostly I worry that I'll be late sometimes. In my office, people generally leave at 6 or 6:30, and it's a half-hour trip home. Maybe I could work it out with my boss. I KNOW she would understand, but we are pretty short-handed here, and I hate to give her yet another management challenge. Plus, 7 or 7:30 is pretty late for a child to have dinner, and it doesn't leave us much time for homework or just plain hanging out together. We're covered for the summer because we have a college student watching our daughters, and she's great and makes them practice their violin and piano. But I worry about the YMCA, where the girls have been going after school three days a week. They don't do homework at the Y, and it closes at 7.

On the other hand.... it would be nice for Dan to have a job where we can save for college and retirement, etc., etc., and stop worrying about that. In 2-3 years, I could probably scale back if I felt the girls needed me to be home more. I could freelance, or ask about part-time.